Veronika Zenz

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The Clef Ip track ran for the rst time within Clef 2009. The purpose of the track was twofold: to encourage and facilitate research in the area of patent retrieval by providing a large clean data set for experimentation; to create a large test collection of patents in the three main European languages for the evaluation of cross lingual information access.(More)
The patent system is designed to encourage disclosure of new technologies and novel ideas by granting exclusive rights on the use of inventions to their inventors, for a limited period of time. Before a patent can be granted, patent o ces around the world perform thorough searches to ensure that no previous similar disclosures were made. In the intellectual(More)
We introduce an algorithm that analyzes audio signals to extract chord-sequence information. The main goal of our approach lies in incorporating music theoretical knowledge without restricting the input data to a narrow range of musical styles. At the basis of our approach lies pitch detection using enhanced autocorrelation, supported by key detection and(More)
Patent Retrieval specialists in the 21st century face many challenges. They must search very large numbers of documents in multiple languages, expressing complex technological concepts through sophisticated legal clauses. Despite a great deal of theoretical development in Information Retrieval techniques and machine translation approaches, advanced search(More)
Starting from innovative distance labs in embedded systems courses with hardware-in-the-loop, this paper focuses on the surrounding environment necessary to efficiently hold courses in distance education. After a short overview of administration issues, we discuss ways to retain personal contacts vital to learning in distance lab setups. We present(More)
In the context of creating large scale test collections, the present paper discusses methods of constructing a patent test collection for evaluation of prior art search. In particular, it addresses criteria for topic selection and identification of recall bases. These issues arose while organizing the CLEF-IP evaluation track and were the subject of an(More)
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