Veronika Scherbaum

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In the present study, the effects of various conventional shelling methods (oil-bath roasting, direct steam roasting, drying, and open pan roasting) as well as a novel "Flores" hand-cracking method on the levels of bioactive compounds of cashew nut kernels were investigated. The raw cashew nut kernels were found to possess appreciable levels of certain(More)
To assess the impact of intensive nutrition education (INE) with or without the provision of micronutrient powder (MNP) on the nutritional status of mildly wasted children in Nias, Indonesia, two groups of mildly wasted (>=-1.5 to <-1.0 WHZ) children aged >=6 to <60 months in the Church World Service (CWS) project areas were assigned by village(More)
Micronutrient deficiencies and imbalanced dietary intake tend to occur during the reproductive period among women in China. In accordance with traditional Chinese culture, pregnant women are commonly advised to follow a specific set of dietary precautions. The purpose of this study was to assess dietary intake data and identify risk factors for nutritional(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigated the infant feeding practices of participating mothers who were recruited into a research project aimed at improving the nutritional status of mildly wasted children (< -1.0 to ≥ -1.5 Weight-for-Height Z-scores) aged ≥ 6 to < 60 months on Nias Island, Indonesia. METHODS Cross-sectional, questionnaire-based interview of(More)
The economic value of breastfeeding to the society at large is under researched and its importance as a preventive public health strategy is underestimated. What little research there is indicates that considerable savings would accrue from following the WHO/UNICEF advice to breastfeed exclusively for six months and continue breastfeeding along with(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a widespread vitamin A supplementation programme and to describe indicators of compliance with the programme in Indonesia. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. Children's anthropometric data were gathered at baseline (June 2000) and 4 months later (2 months after supplementation in August(More)
The adherence of program participants to periodic vitamin A capsule (VAC) supplementation among children aged 1-5 years (n = 677) in Central Java, Indonesia was assessed. Fourteen villages from five sub-districts and one ward from one sub-district in Central Java were included in the study to represent rural and suburban areas. All questions about(More)
OBJECTIVE Malnutrition and poor nutritional status among children are common problems in the Republic of Maldives, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. The aim of this study was to determine possible macro- and micronutrient deficiencies in the traditional Maldivian diet. DESIGN In five atolls, 333 women with children aged between 1 and 4 years who(More)
BACKGROUND Inappropriate nutrition knowledge and feeding practices of caregivers are among several important causes of persistent malnutrition problems in young children. Thus, it is essential to provide caregivers with the necessary knowledge to help them modify their feeding practices. OBJECTIVE To examine the effectiveness of two different nutrition(More)
This study assesses the initiation and duration of exclusive/almost exclusive breastfeeding (Ex/AEx-BF) versus partial breastfeeding (P-BF) and its relationship to infant growth and maternal body mass index (BMI) in Ethiopian infants up to 12 months of age (Tigray n = 471; Gonder n =596). Initiation of breastfeeding within 1 hr after birth was 1.7 times(More)