Veronika Polaskova

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Affinity depletion of abundant proteins from human plasma has become a routine sample preparation strategy in proteomics used prior to protein identification and quantitation. To date, there have been limited published studies comparing the performance of commercially available depletion products. We conducted a thorough evaluation of six depletion columns(More)
Within the scientific literature, analyses of data from bead based multiplex immunoassays are based on either median fluorescence intensities (MFI) or derived absolute concentration values (ACV) but no consideration of which set of data is the most appropriate for analysis has been published. Here we look at the variance of MFI versus their ACV from the(More)
Secretomic analysis requires removal of serum proteins from cell-culture media. We evaluate the proteins washed from cells prepared in bovine serum-supplemented medium. PBS and serum-free-medium (SFM) were the washing solutions. A Bradford assay was used for total protein concentration and a 1D gel and LC-MS/MS, to assign the protein to human or bovine(More)
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