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Current knowledge about polysphinctine parasite wasps' interactions with their spider hosts is very fragmented and incomplete. This study presents the host specificity of Zatypota percontatoria (Müller) (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) and its adaptation to varying host availability. Two years of field observations show that Z. percontatoria is a stenophagous(More)
Introduced host species are often characterised by reduced parasite numbers compared to their native populations. Any such advantage gained from parasite release following introduction into a new area may often diminish over a short period as the new host gradually acquires local parasites. In this study, the metazoan parasite communities of four goby(More)
Pathogens of spruce bark beetle Ips typographus were compared at eleven sites in Slovakia (the Western Carpathians). Seven different pathogen species were recorded: protozoan species Chytridiopsis typographi, Gregarina typographi, Malamoeba scolyti, nematodes of the genus Neoparasitylenchus and one unidentified nematode species. Presence of the(More)
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