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Transparency and evidence-based medicine are cornerstones of good publication practices (GPP), and concern publishers, editors, research investigator, and reviewers alike. Methods for implementing these principles within the framework of GPP are described. The main aspects include obtaining a Manuscript Agreement Contract, a Statement on Transparency of(More)
We have observed a sudden disappearance of intrabeam scattering in a laser-cooled stored Be beam at the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring. The transition takes place at about 10 ions corresponding to a mean ion distance of '50μm. The disappearance of IBS is accompanied by a decrease of the longitudinal temperature by more than two orders of magnitude. At the(More)
We report on the observation of the indirect transverse laser cooling eeect in a radio-frequency bunched beam of 7.3 MeV 9 Be + ions, stored in the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring and subject to direct longitudinal laser cooling. This bunched scheme ooers particular advantages for producing ultracold beams with unprecedented phase-space densities. The(More)
The book "Facies dolorosa" by Hans Killian, first published in 1934 and later in 1956 and 1967 as extended and annotated versions, comprises ~ 70 photographs depicting facial expressions of patients suffering from various diseases. The photographs in black and white are analyzed and annotated by the author with the purpose of providing clinicians, and(More)
We present recent results of our experiments on laser cooling of fast stored ion beams at the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring. The longitudinal motion of the ions is directly cooled by the light pressure force, whereas eecient transverse cooling is obtained indirectly by longitudinal-transverse coupling mechanisms. Laser cooling in novel bunch forms consisting(More)
  • bucketsU . Eisenbarth, B . Eike, +7 authors Dirk Schwalm
  • 1999
We apply novel bunch forms for eecient laser cooling of fast stored ion beams at the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring. 9 Be + ions are longitudinally connned in barrier buckets providing free motion of the cooled ions inside the bucket (quasi-coasting beam). The implementation of laser cooling in barrier buckets is described, and longitudinal dynamics of laser(More)
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