Veronika Kasalová

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The equilibrium molecular structures of the two lowest-energy conformers of glycine, Gly-Ip and Gly-IIn, have been characterized by high-level ab initio electronic structure computations, including all-electron cc-pVTZ CCSD(T) geometry optimizations and 6-31G* MP2 quartic force fields, the latter to account for anharmonic zero-point vibrational effects to(More)
In support of mass-selected infrared photodissociation (IRPD) spectroscopy experiments, coupled-cluster methods including all single and double excitations (CCSD) and a perturbative contribution from connected triple excitations [CCSD(T)] have been used to study the V+(H2O) and ArV+(H2O) complexes. Equilibrium geometries, harmonic vibrational frequencies,(More)
Developments in the preparation of new materials for microelectronics are focusing new attention on molecular systems incorporating several arsenic atoms. A systematic investigation of the As2Fn/As2Fn- systems was carried out using Density Functional Theory methods and a DZP++ quality basis set. Global and low-lying local geometric minima and relative(More)
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