Veronika Hornung-Prähauser

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This article deals with a special type of ePortfolio, the Learning and Personal Development Planning Portfolio (PDP). It explores the technical challenges deriving from pedagogical requirements of PDP processes and discusses how semantic web technologies can contribute to an integrated “ePortfolio-PDP System”.
This presentation is concerned with Open Educational Resources and Practices, based on findings of the EU-project “Open eLearning Content Observatory Services” (OLCOS). We present the results of a study on the European OER landscape, which explores the possible pathways towards a higher level of production, sharing and usage of OER and provides an(More)
The paper deals with the issue of further developing the concept of ePortfolios in terms of semantic interoperability. Social Software and Semantic Web Technologies may enrich the traditional concepts of ePortfolios. The purpose of this contribution is to summarize current research issues and to describe basic steps needed for a knowledge based management(More)
In our rapidly changing technological society, formal training alone cannot meet the need for development of working individuals. Self-directed learning is seen as a solution for adult learners to keep up with these changes. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to identify the essential elements of selfdirected learning that should be integrated into a(More)
This paper deals with the issue of how to assess the quality of online learning and teaching material. As evaluator for eLearning processes and products one is confronted with the fact that not only learners, but also learning facilitators (teacher/tutor) have a subjecetive perceiption of eLearning quality. In this paper we present different quality(More)
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