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Low-voltage induction motor is one of the most widely used types of electrical machines. Today more and more end users demand reliable and energy efficient electrical machines as an extra feature. Design and applying of control systems for improving energy efficiency must be in correlation with reliability requirements; it is necessary to fetch out the(More)
Electrical insulation materials quality and reliability play a central role in providing the electrical machines reliable operation. It is well recognized that insulating system of low voltage motor fed by converter is exposed to electrical stresses arising from repetitive square waveform of supplying voltage while additional impact of temperature,(More)
Due to the modern techniques and technologies development a thorough attention on simulation of autonomous variable frequency systems is paid. The advantage of the electric machine taken as a basis for this modeling leaves no doubt for use it in aggressive environments. The designed model of a two-phase brushless DC electric motor is specifically designed(More)
Currently the frequency control is widely used to provide high level of induction motors efficiency. Studies show that typical for the variable frequency drive (VFD) severe electro-thermal stresses influencing on the windings insulation negatively affect the windings reliability. The need to thoroughly study the impact of influencing factors and to develop(More)
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