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BACKGROUND Extensive research documents that female sex workers (FSWs) in Russia are very vulnerable to abuses from police, including police sexual coercion. However, despite qualitative data suggesting abusive policing practices are more likely for FSWs contending with substance abuse issues and risky sex work contexts, there is a paucity of quantitative(More)
In Russia, sexual transmission of HIV is increasing and street-based female sex workers (FSW) have a high HIV prevalence, but the role of male clients of FSW in HIV transmission and bridging to the general population has not been studied. Sixty-two male clients completed structured interviews during February-March of 2010 in St. Petersburg Russia.(More)
OBJECTIVES To ascertain HIV prevalence among people who inject drug (injection drug users (IDUs)) in the Russian Federation and identify explanations for the disparity in different cities. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey with serological testing for HIV and hepatitis C virus prevalent infections. SETTING 8 Russian cities-Irkutsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk,(More)
We investigated the influence of drug network characteristics including trust, size, and stability on HIV risk behaviors and HIV testing among injection drug users (IDUs) in St. Petersburg, Russia. Overall, male and female IDUs who reported having high levels of trust in their drug networks were significantly more likely to share syringes than those with(More)
Central and intrapulmonary hemodynamic parameters were examined in 40 patients with myocarditis. Morphological evidence for endomyocardial biopsy specimens and morphometric findings were also analyzed. Deterioration of myocardial diastolic relaxation was found to closely correlate with the magnitude of cardiosclerotic changes and cardiomyocytic myolysis. A(More)