Veronica Strong

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An initiator is applied to synthesize single-walled carbon nanotube/polyaniline composite nanofibers for use as high-performance chemosensors. The composite nanofibers possess widely tunable conductivities (10(-4) to 10(2) S/cm) with up to 5.0 wt % single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) loadings. Chemosensors fabricated from the composite nanofibers(More)
Although electrochemical capacitors (ECs), also known as supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, charge and discharge faster than batteries, they are still limited by low energy densities and slow rate capabilities. We used a standard LightScribe DVD optical drive to do the direct laser reduction of graphite oxide films to graphene. The produced films are(More)
Engineering a low-cost graphene-based electronic device has proven difficult to accomplish via a single-step fabrication process. Here we introduce a facile, inexpensive, solid-state method for generating, patterning, and electronic tuning of graphene-based materials. Laser scribed graphene (LSG) is shown to be successfully produced and selectively(More)
The formation of MoO(3) sheets of nanoscale thickness is described. They are made from several fundamental sheets of orthorhombic alpha-MoO(3), which can be processed in large quantities via a low cost synthesis route that combines thermal evaporation and mechanical exfoliation. These fundamental sheets consist of double-layers of linked distorted MoO(6)(More)
Despite the many attractive properties of conjugated polymers, their practical applications are often limited by the lack of a simple, scalable, and nondisruptive patterning method. Here, a direct, scalable, high-resolution patterning technique for conducting polymers is demonstrated that does not involve photoresists, masks, or postprocessing treatment.(More)
Highly crystalline, doped polythiophene is grown from the surfaces of CdTe quantum dots by ligand exchange of 3-thenoic acid followed by an oxidant-initiated polymerization. The facile synthesis generates a composite of highly ordered fibers, which exhibit efficient charge transfer between the polythiophene and the inorganic CdTe quantum dots.
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