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OBJECTIVES Monitoring regional levels of transmitted HIV-1 resistance informs treatment guidelines and provides feedback on the success of HIV-1 prevention efforts. Surveillance programs for estimating the frequency of transmitted resistance are being developed in both industrialized and resource-poor countries. However, such programs will not produce(More)
Schizencephaly is an uncommon congenital disorder of cerebral cortical development. Although a well-recognized cause of seizures and developmental deficits in children, previous reports describe the range of neurodevelopmental outcome in only 47 patients. We report the clinical and cranial imaging features of 47 children with unilateral open-lip (17),(More)
BACKGROUND Despite advances in neuroimaging and molecular genetics of holoprosencephaly (HPE), the clinical spectrum of HPE has remained inadequately described. OBJECTIVE To better characterize the clinical features of HPE and identify specific neuroanatomic abnormalities that may be useful predictors of neurodevelopmental function. METHODS The authors(More)
E. D. F. Meissel, a German astronomer, found in the 1870's a method for computing individual values of π(x), the counting function for the number of primes ≤ x. His method was based on recurrences for partial sieving functions, and he used it to compute π(10 9). D. H. Lehmer simplified and extended Meissel's method. We present further refinements of the(More)
N,N-dimethylglycine, a dietary supplement, has been reported to be beneficial in children with autism and pervasive developmental disorder. We examined the effectiveness of dimethylglycine in children with autism and pervasive developmental disorder in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Thirty-seven children between 3 and 11 years of age with a(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although holoprosencephaly has been known for many years, few detailed analyses have been performed in a large series of patients to outline the range of morphology in this disorder, particularly regarding the deep gray nuclear structures. We reviewed a large patient cohort to elucidate the combinations of morphologic aberrations of(More)
The class II MHC molecules expressed on antigen-presenting cells are highly poly-morphic, heterodimeric cell surface glycoproteins that bind and present proteolytic fragments of foreign antigens to T cells to initiate the immune response (1). MHC class II (Ia) molecules are composed ofa 33-36-kD a subunit noncovalently associated with a 24-28-kD 0 subunit.(More)
We report three cases of folinic acid-responsive intractable neonatal seizures. All patients were born at term following normal gestation and delivery. In the first infant, seizures began on the 5th day of life and were unresponsive to phenobarbital, pyridoxine, and valproate, but stopped within 24 hours of initiation of folinic acid treatment at the age of(More)
Commercial HIV-1 RNA viral load assays have been routinely used in developed countries to monitor antiretroviral treatment (ART). However, these assays require expensive equipment and reagents, well-trained operators, and established laboratory infrastructure. These requirements restrict their use in resource-limited settings where people are most afflicted(More)
OBJECTIVE Significant and poorly documented electrolyte losses result from prolonged sweating. This study aimed to quantify likely sodium losses during work in heat. METHODS Male subjects exercised in an environmental chamber on two consecutive days in both winter and summer. Sweat collecting devices were attached to the upper arms and legs. RESULTS(More)