Veronica Penza

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In narrow band (NB) laryngeal endoscopy, the clinician usually positions the endoscope near the tissue for a correct inspection of possible vascular pattern alterations, indicative of laryngeal malignancies. The video is usually reviewed many times to refine the diagnosis, resulting in loss of time since the salient frames of the video are mixed with(More)
Single-incision laparoscopic surgery decreases postoperative infections, but introduces limitations in the surgeon’s maneuverability and in the surgical field of view. This work aims at enhancing intra-operative surgical visualization by exploiting the 3D information about the surgical site. An interactive guidance system is proposed wherein the pose of(More)
Citation: Penza V, De Momi E, Enayati N, Chupin T, Ortiz J and Mattos LS (2017) EnViSoRS: Enhanced Vision System for Robotic Surgery. A User-Defined Safety Volume Tracking to Minimize the Risk of Intraoperative Bleeding. Front. Robot. AI 4:15. doi: 10.3389/frobt.2017.00015 enVisors: enhanced Vision system for robotic surgery. a User-Defined safety Volume(More)
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