Veronica M. Jones

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During development of the outflow tract, the walls of the truncus arteriosus change from a diffuse extracellular matrix (ECM) surrounded by an extension of the myocardium to alternating laminae of smooth muscle and elastic connective tissue. The transition rapidly follows septation, when mesenchyme associated with the endothelium differentiates. Using(More)
Sixteen unselected patients with nasal polyps had the levels of substance P and IgE decapeptide measured by ELISA in the oedema fluids and their matched sera. All 16 samples had low levels of substance P in their sera and had high level of substance P in eight samples of nasal polyp oedema. There was a considerable variation in the values of IgE decapeptide(More)
Serotonin is critical for shaping the development of neural circuits regulating emotion. Pet-1 (FEV-1) is an ETS-domain transcription factor essential for differentiation and forebrain targeting of serotonin neurons. Constitutive Pet-1 knockout (KO) causes major loss of serotonin neurons and forebrain serotonin availability, and behavioral abnormalities. We(More)
With the introduction of Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery, training methods in flexible endoscopy are being augmented with simulation-based curricula. The investment for virtual reality simulators warrants further research into its training advantage. Trainees were randomized into bedside or simulator training groups (BED vs SIM). SIM participated in a(More)
Soluble Fc epsilon RII/CD23 (IgE-binding factor) is released spontaneously from activated B cells and most EBV-immortalised B cell lines. We have purified soluble Fc epsilon RII/CD23 from culture supernatants of RPMI-8866 cells on an IgE Sepharose column, and studied its ability to release histamine from human nasal polyp mast cells. Soluble Fc epsilon(More)
BACKGROUND Building social networks for health promotion in high-poverty areas may reduce health disparities. Community involvement provides a mechanism to reach at-risk people with culturally tailored health information. Shout-out Health was a feasibility project to provide opportunity and support for women at risk for or living with human immunodeficiency(More)
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