Veronica M Cardillo

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Cachexia is a debilitating condition characterized by extreme skeletal muscle wasting that contributes significantly to morbidity and mortality. Efforts to elucidate the underlying mechanisms of muscle loss have predominantly focused on events intrinsic to the myofiber. In contrast, less regard has been given to potential contributory factors outside the(More)
The majority of cancer patients experience dramatic weight loss, due to cachexia and consisting of skeletal muscle and fat tissue wasting. Cachexia is a negative prognostic factor, interferes with therapy and worsens the patients' quality of life by affecting muscle function. Mice bearing ectopically-implanted C26 colon carcinoma are widely used as an(More)
BACKGROUND There is very little research into the problem of chronic pain in dialysed patients, despite the fact that pain is a widely diffused phenomena amongst these patients. This work proposes to evaluate the intensity of pain, supply a scale of levels of intervention, with an indication of the consumption and relative costs of pharmacological(More)
We have previously reported that cocaine self-administration is facilitated in male rats not residing in the test chambers (Non Resident rats) relative to rats living in the test chambers at all times (Resident rats). Surprisingly, the opposite was found for heroin. We predicted that, when given access to both cocaine and heroin on alternate days, Non(More)
Paola Aulino ( Emanuele Berardi ( Veronica M Cardillo ( Emanuele Rizzuto ( Barbara Perniconi ( Carla Ramina ( Fabrizio Padula ( Enrico P Spugnini (
BACKGROUND The congestive heart failure (IV cl. NYHA) refractory to medical therapy, can be treated with ultrafiltrative method such as extracorporeal ultrafiltration (UF), intermittent veno-venosus hemofiltration, intermittent peritoneal dialysis (IPD) or chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). METHODS Sixty-one patients suffering from SCC have(More)
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