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To characterize the physical demands associated with on-the-job use of current firefighting equipment and the performance of essential firefighting operations, an initial task analysis of all firefighting operations was followed by an in-depth physical and physiological characterization of those tasks deemed to be physically demanding. The most commonly(More)
The range of exercise intensities that elicit high fat oxidation rates (FOR) in youth and the influence of pubertal status on peak FOR are unknown. In a longitudinal design, we compared FOR over a range of exercise intensities in a small cohort of developing prepubertal male subjects. Five boys all at Tanner stage 1 (ages 11-12 yr) and nine men (ages 20-26(More)
Alterations in [Hb], which are mediated through changes in arterial oxygen content, and alterations in BV, which are mediated through changes in cardiac output (Q), have a significant effect on both VO2max and aerobic performance. If BV is held constant, a decrease in [Hb] (anaemia) causes a decrease in VO2max and aerobic performance, while an increase in(More)
The relationship between history of back pain and measurements of both health-related fitness and physical activity participation was examined in 233 males and 287 females aged 15-69 years. Participants were divided by gender into those reporting no history (NH) or a history (H) of recurring back pain. Analysis of variance indicated that trunk flexion, back(More)
Due to the invasiveness of direct techniques and problems that constrain the use of popular indirect techniques during very heavy (non-steady-state) exercise, measurements of maximal cardiac output are seldom included in studies of exercise. The acetylene-rebreathing technique is well-suited for maximal exercise; however, until recent technological(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether plasma volume expansion (PVexp) in elite endurance-trained (ET) cyclists, who already possess both a high blood volume (BV) and a high VO2max, leads to further enhancements in their cardiac function, VO2max, and endurance performance (time to exhaustion at 95% VO2max). METHODS Nine male ET cyclists (V02max = 68.9 +/- 0.6(More)
Global asthma control levels are suboptimal. The influence of regular exercise on asthma control is unclear. We assessed the effects of a 12-week supervised exercise intervention followed by 12 weeks of self-administered exercise on adults with partially controlled asthma (n = 21) and matched controls (n = 15). Assessments were conducted at baseline and(More)
The aims of this study were: (1) to characterize selected fitness and health attributes of two types of habitual recreational off-road vehicle riders - off-road motorcyclists and all-terrain vehicle riders; (2) to explore differences among riders in terms of vehicle type, age, and gender; and (3) to compare the fitness and health of riders to population(More)
PURPOSE The acetylene rebreathe technique is a well established method for the determination of cardiac output (Q) at rest and during exercise. We sought to demonstrate that the acetylene rebreathe technique allows for highly reproducible determinations of Q. METHODS Nine elite male endurance cyclists (VO2max = 68.9 +/- 0.6 mL.kg-1.min-1) performed a(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding sudden cardiac death in the young may inform prevention strategies. OBJECTIVE To determine the scope and nature of sudden death in a geographically defined population. METHODS We performed a retrospective population-based cohort study in Ontario, Canada, of all sudden cardiac death cases involving persons aged 2-40 years(More)