Veronica H.L. Leinster

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Pharmacological inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor (ErbB1) attenuate the ability of CNS myelin to inhibit axonal regeneration. However, it has been claimed that such effects are mediated by off-target interactions. We have tested the role of ErbB1 in axonal regeneration by culturing neurons from ErbB1 knockout mice in the presence of various(More)
The CD95/CD95L receptor-ligand system is mainly recognised in the induction of apoptosis. However, it has also been shown that CD95L is over-expressed in many cancer types where it modulates immune-evasion and together with its receptor CD95 promotes tumour growth. Here, we show that CD95 surface modification of relatively large microparticles >0.5 μm in(More)
The Polycomb group protein Bmi1 is a key regulator of self-renewal of embryonic and adult central nervous system stem cells, and its overexpression has been shown to occur in several types of brain tumors. In a Cre/LoxP-based conditional transgenic mouse model, we show that fine-tuning of Bmi1 expression in embryonic neural stem cell (NSC) is sufficient to(More)
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