Veronica A Myasoedova

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On-pump cardiac surgery may trigger inflammation and accelerate platelet cyclooxygenase-1 renewal, thereby modifying low-dose aspirin pharmacodynamics. Thirty-seven patients on standard aspirin 100 mg once-daily were studied before surgery and randomized within 36 hours postsurgery to 100 mg once-daily, 100 mg twice-daily, or 200 mg once-daily for 90 days.(More)
Cardiovascular diseases remain the leading cause of morbidity and mortality among postmenopausal women in western societies. There are still no specific and highly efficient methods of preservation of women's vascular health in modern preventive medicine. For many years physicians have assumed that hormone replacement therapy prevents the development of(More)
Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) surgery, despite heparin administration, elicits activation of coagulation system resulting in coagulopathy. Anti-inflammatory effects of steroid treatment have been demonstrated, but its effects on coagulation system are unknown. The primary objective of this study is to assess the effects of methylprednisolone on coagulation(More)
The present study evaluated the risks and benefits of phytoestrogen treatment in healthy perimenopausal women in relation to the dynamics of climacteric syndrome and progression of atherosclerosis. Study participants were treated with placebo or phytoestrogen-rich natural preparation Karinat based on grape (Vitis vinifera) seeds, green tea (Camellia(More)
The phenomenon of blood serum atherogenicity was described as the ability of human serum to induce lipid accumulation in cultured cells. The results of recent two-year prospective study in asymptomatic men provided the evidence for association between the changes in serum atherogenicity and dynamics of carotid intima-media thickness progression. The present(More)
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