Vernon D Larson

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OBJECTIVE Subjective measures of performance were assessed on three different hearing aid circuits as part of a large clinical trial. These measurements included the Profile of Hearing Aid Performance and a subjective ranking of individual preference. DESIGN A multi-center, double-masked clinical trial of hearing aids was conducted at eight VA Medical(More)
OBJECTIVE Although numerous studies have demonstrated that hearing aids provide significant benefit, carefully controlled, multi-center clinical trials have not been conducted. A multi-center clinical trial was conducted to compare the efficacy of three commonly used hearing aid circuits: peak clipping, compression limiting, and wide dynamic range(More)
OBJECTIVE As part of a large clinical trial that compared three hearing aid circuits using several evaluation methods, judgments about quality of listening experiences were sought from all subjects. Three dimensions were examined: loudness, noise interference and overall liking (quality). DESIGN Eight Audiology units in VA Medical Centers participated.(More)
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