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The effect of active and passive recovery on the removal of accumulated blood lactate and subsequent muscle function were tested using five male subjects. The experimental protocol consisted of two exercise sessions performed on a mechanical brake cycle ergometer at 150% VO2max for 60 seconds. Termination of the supramaximal work bouts were followed by a 20(More)
The purpose of the present study was to assess possible racial differences in cardiovascular and plasma catecholamine responses to dynamic exercise. A biracial group of normotensive college-age men (15 blacks, 15 whites) were tested for maximal oxygen uptake, resting blood pressure, and heart rate. Subjects then rode a cycle ergometer at 25%, 50%, and 75%(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of caffeine on maximum voluntary contractions of the dominant knee extension and flexion muscles in 12 male intercollegiate track sprinters. Caffeine (5 mg.kg-1) and placebo (225 mg methylcellulose) gelatin capsules were administered orally in randomly assigned order. Muscle function was measured(More)
AIMS We tested the hypothesis that body fat percentage determines cardiac sympathovagal balance in healthy subjects. MAIN METHODS Heart rate variability (HRV) measurements were made of the standard deviation of the normal-normal RR intervals (SDNN) and the low frequency/high frequency (LF/HF) ratio, from time domain and fast Fourier transform spectral(More)
Hypertension remains a common public health challenge because of its prevalence and increase in co-morbid cardiovascular diseases. Black males have disproportionate pathophysiological consequences of hypertension compared with any other group in the United States. Alterations in arterial wall compliance and autonomic function often precede the onset of(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic and environmental hypotheses may explain why normotensive persons at high risk of developing hypertension often exhibit greater cardiovascular reactivity to stressors than those at low risk. METHODS Pearson's correlation was used to evaluate reproducibility and independent t test to compare the cardiovascular responses to 30 W of(More)
A promoter polymorphism of the osteopontin (OPN) gene (rs28357094) has been associated with multiple inflammatory states, severity of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and muscle size in healthy young adults. We sought to define the mechanism of action of the polymorphism, using allele-specific in vitro reporter assays in muscle cells, and a(More)
BACKGROUND Limited data suggest that physical activity increases postexercise blood pressure in African-American women. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the postexercise blood pressure response to acute exercise in normotensive young adult African-American women. METHODS Eight healthy women (age 22.5+/-.9 years) performed a cycle ergometer bout(More)
Twelve males (six moderate drinkers and six abstainers) were studied for the influence of varying dosages of alcohol on cardiorespiratory function and work performance. The subjects underwent three separate maximal exercise tests which consisted of progressive workloads on the bicycle ergometer. Prior to each work bout the subject consumed either a placebo(More)