Verne L. Jacobs

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The rostral part of the bovine vomeronasal complex was examined to determine its relation structures of the palate which are compressed by the tongue during investigative sexual behavior. The rostral vomeronasal cartilage (VNC) is C-shaped and contains the incisive duct (ID). The hilus of the cartilage is directed medially, approximately 0.5 cm dorsal to(More)
We have shown theoretically that efficient multiple-exciton generation (MEG) by a single photon can be observed in small nanocrystals. Our quantum simulations that include hundreds of thousands of exciton and multiexciton states demonstrate that the complex time-dependent dynamics of these states in a closed electronic system yields a saturated MEG effect(More)
with Stark-dominated line shapes S. Tessarin, D. Mikitchuk, R. Doron, E. Stambulchik, E. Kroupp, Y. Maron, D. A. Hammer, V. L. Jacobs, J. F. Seely, B. V. Oliver, and A. Fisher Faculty of Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot 76100, Israel Laboratory of Plasma Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853, USA Naval Research Laboratory,(More)
To understand the mechanisms for introducing urine or vaginal secretions into the vomeronasal organ, we used 16 mm cinematography and a freeze frame/slow motion technique to analyze the mouth and tongue movements of Brahman bulls while they examined the vulvas of restrained, estrogen-primed cows. Prior to flehmen, the mouth slowly opened, the curled tip of(More)
Pretransfusion blood samples were routinely tested for ABO group, Rh type, and the presence of unexpected red blood cell antibodies. Patients who had unexpected red blood cell antibodies received transfusions of blood that was crossmatched using an immediate spin test, a 37 degrees C incubation step, and an indirect antiglobulin test. Patients who did not(More)
We have developed a general framework for numerical simulation of various types of scenarios that can occur for the detection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) through the use of excitation using incident electromagnetic waves. A central component model of this framework is an S-matrix representation of a multilayered composite material system. Each(More)
A comprehensive review isn preparation of a diverse class of electromagnetic radiation processes, which may occur in atomic systems, crystal lattices, and e ergetic lectron beams interacting with uniform or pe iodic electric and magnetic fields. We present an i troduction to his review, in the form of a survey of various fundamental electromagnetic(More)
Ascending axons in the dorsal column of garter snakes were examined following hemisection of the spinal cord at segment levels 2, 3, 4, 11, 13, and 31. After postoperative survival periods of 11 to 28 days, sections of the spinal cord and brain were processed with a silver method to demonstrate degenerated axons and preterminals. The study demonstrated that(More)