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If we have learned to appreciate one thing in the remarkable groundswell of interest in knowledge, it is that what we create arises from what we value, desire, believe and conceptualize in the mysterious recesses of our hearts and minds. As knowledge management practitioners, we above all, must be attentive to the quality of our own thinking, our value(More)
Understanding knowledge is the first step to managing it effectively. Here are a dozen characteristics of knowledge, and some tools and approaches for making the most of the knowledge assets in your organization. Winston Churchill said, "The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." Tom Peters said, "Heavy lifting is out; brains are in." Stately(More)
Workspace design has not been keeping up with the evolving needs of mobile workers. Although the economic benefits of mobile work have been expanding for companies, few companies have mobile worker strategies that seriously address how new ways of working require different kinds of physical space, mobile devices, and office equipment. Popular mobile worker(More)
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