Verity Kemp

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BACKGROUND The role of ambulance clinicians in providing psychosocial care in major incidents and emergencies is recognised in recent Department of Health guidance. The study described in this paper identified NHS professional first responders' needs for education about survivors' psychosocial responses, training in psychosocial skills, and continuing(More)
BACKGROUND Diplomatic organizations routinely send staff to high-threat postings (HTPs) and consequentially have moral and legal obligations to protect their health as far as is reasonably practicable. AIMS To carry out an international survey of diplomatic organizations that send personnel to HTPs to establish how they deal practically with their(More)
BACKGROUND While there has been considerable research into the psychosocial consequences of tour length for military personnel, this subject has not been studied in other occupational groups who also deploy staff to high-threat areas. AIMS To carry out a comprehensive review of relevant published literature to inform diplomatic organizations that deploy(More)
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