Verina Ingram

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1. Pig heart lactate dehydrogenase is inhibited by addition of one equivalent of diethyl pyrocarbonate. The inhibition is due to the acylation of a unique histidine residue which is 10-fold more reactive than free histidine. No other amino acid side chains are modified. 2. The carbethoxyhistidine residue slowly decomposes and the enzyme activity reappears.(More)
The leaves of these Gnetum spp. lianas have long been harvested from humid forests for consumption and traded as a popular vegetable across the Congo Basin. Recent data on the current environmental, social and economic aspects of this forest product are however sparse. Value chain analysis was used to gather information on stakeholders involved in the chain(More)
The objective of this study was the chemical analysis of four selected samples of African propolis (Congo and Cameroon) and their biological evaluation. Twenty-one secondary metabolites belonging to four different chemical groups were isolated from the 70% ethanolic extracts of propolis and their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectral evidence.(More)
African forest–based beekeeping has a long tradition, has been practiced in Cameroon for centuries, and contributes on average to 52% of household incomes of beekeepers in the Adamaoua savannah and Northwest montane forests. Livelihoods, regulatory and policy framework, business environment, and forest management are intricately linked in the chain from(More)
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