Verena Saladin

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Polydnaviruses (genera Ichnovirus and Bracovirus) have a segmented genome of circular double-stranded DNA molecules, replicate in the ovary of parasitic wasps and are essential for successful parasitism of the host. Here we show the first detailed analysis of various segments of a bracovirus, the Chelonus inanitus virus (CiV). Four segments were sequenced(More)
Experimental studies provide evidence that, in spatially and temporally heterogeneous environments, individuals track variation in breeding habitat quality to adjust breeding decisions to local conditions. However, most experiments consider environmental variation at one spatial scale only, while the ability to detect the influence of a factor depends on(More)
Reproduction is known to increase the basal metabolic rate and generate oxidative stress, a possible proximate cost of reproduction. Carotenoids have been shown to be in vitro antioxidant molecules and, in a number of instances, to contribute in vivo to the antioxidant protection of the organism against the deleterious effects of free radicals and oxidative(More)
There is growing evidence that heterozygosity-fitness correlations (HFCs) are more pronounced under harsh conditions. Empirical evidence suggests a mediating effect of parasite infestation on the occurrence of HFCs. Parasites have the potential to mediate HFCs not only by generally causing high stress levels but also by inducing resource allocation(More)
We present a set of 48 polymorphic microsatellite markers for the great tit Parus major, containing 15 markers which are newly described. The markers are divided into two loading panels designed for ABI3100 and five PCR multiplex assays. A sexing marker can be added optionally to one of the PCR assays. The loci were screened in a single great tit population(More)
The use of alternative reproductive tactics (ARTs) is widespread in animals. Males of some species may change tactics depending on age, body condition and social environment. Many bat species are polygynous where a fraction of males only have access to fertile females. For polygynous bats, knowledge of the reproductive success of males using different ARTs(More)
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