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Post-traumatic inflammation is connected to monocyte dysfunction characterized by reduced NF-kappaB translocation during the first post-traumatic days. Because the exact dynamic of monocytic NF-kappaB translocation in patients directly after trauma remains unclear, the aim of this pilot study was to measure the intranuclear presence of NF-kappaB in(More)
BACKGROUND Chemokines are involved in the recruitment of leukocytes to vascularized allografts. CCR1 is a receptor for various proinflammatory chemokines and CCR1 blockade reduces renal allograft injury in rabbits. The purpose of the study was to characterize CCR1-positive cells in human renal allografts. METHODS Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded(More)
BACKGROUND Pathological affection of the immune system is one of the initiating mechanisms for the induction of multiple organ failure (MOF) in patients suffering from multiple injuries. Potential responsible intracellular mechanisms such as initial monocyte mRNA expression of specific mediators remain poorly studied, so far. Hence, we applied the(More)
Post-traumatic inflammation is connected to polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN)-dysfunction characterized by reduced nuclear translocation of NF-κB during the post-traumatic period. However, the dynamic of NF-κB translocation in PMN of major trauma patients remains unclear. Hence, the aim of this pilot study was to analyze NF-κB in PMN from multiply injured(More)
Calcularis is a computer-based training program which focuses on basic numerical skills, spatial representation of numbers and arithmetic operations. The program includes a user model allowing flexible adaptation to the child's individual knowledge and learning profile. The study design to evaluate the training comprises three conditions (Calcularis group,(More)
We report the unimolecular decomposition following collisional activation of protonated mono-, di- and trimethylbenzenes as a function of collision energy. The resulting energy-resolved mass spectra are then used for the quality control of high-level quantum chemical models of the respective potential energy surfaces. Distinction is made between direct(More)
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