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Spreadsheets are powerful tools which play a business-critical role in many organizations. However, many bad decisions taken due to faulty spreadsheets show that these tools need serious quality assurance. Furthermore, while collaboration on spreadsheets for maintenance tasks is common, there has been almost no support for ensuring that the spreadsheets(More)
The better developers can learn software tools, the faster they can start using them and the more efficiently they can later work with them. Tutorials are supposed to help here. While in the early days of computing, mostly text tutorials were available, nowadays software developers can choose among a huge number of tutorials for almost any popular software(More)
BACKGROUND Cases of children with more than one type of cancer either diagnosed simultaneously or successively, rarely occur in pediatric oncology. A second malignant neoplasm may be caused by mutagenic effects of the treatment of the primary malignancy and/or may point towards an underlying genetic cancer susceptibility syndrome. One example of such a(More)
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