Verena A.-M. Wiedemann

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Specific antibodies directed against enterotoxic E. coli strains from the yolk of immunized hens were exposed in vitro to the influence of varying digestive phenomena like reduction of pH and proteolytic digestion. The remaining antibody activity was tested in a specific ELISA system. It could be shown that already within the stomach a considerable loss in(More)
Large quantities of specific egg antibodies can be produced with little effort by immunization of laying hens. Several antibody containing egg preparations were subjected to a tenacity test against digestive activity taking piglets with artificial jejunum fistulas as a model. Even with high doses of orally administered yolk lyophilisate no antibody activity(More)
A field study and a controlled infection trial showed the protective effect of egg yolk lyophilisate and whole egg lyophilisate against enterotoxic E. coli germs. The lyophilisates were gained from eggs of hens immunized against pilus antigen of porcine-enterotoxic E. coli. In a first field study using egg yolk antibodies, 92% of 299 diarrhea affected(More)
The pathogenic effect of enterotoxogenic E. coli is mainly to be found in the jejunum. Hence, an effective immunoprophylaxis should be focussed at this site. This can be done effectively by an oral application of specific antibodies. The present study describes the effectiveness of specific antibodies against E. coli. The antibodies were gained from the(More)
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