Vered Molina-Hazan

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INTRODUCTION Preventing smoking initiation will protect future generations from smoking-attributable death and disease. This study examines the correlates and patterns of initiation among Israeli youth using time-to-event analysis and other methods. METHODS Twenty-four consecutive representative samples (1986-2009) of new military recruits (N=50,254) were(More)
Body mass index (BMI) in adolescence, studied predominantly as a self-reported risk factor for breast cancer (BC), may have been subjected to recall bias. We examined the association between measured BMI in adolescence and the incidence of BC by menopausal status. 951,480 Jewish Israeli females aged 16–19 who underwent anthropometric measurements in(More)
Viral meningitis (VM) is a medical condition of public health concern, as it is a common sporadic and epidemic illness. However, there is limited data on the epidemiology of VM. The purpose of this study was to analyze long-term and seasonal trends of VM in a young adult military population. VM is a obligatory notifiable disease in the Israel Defense(More)
Introduction Smoking in military settings is of major concern. We aimed to assess the association between personal, family, and military factors and smoking behavior change during compulsory military service in Israel. Methods Participants were soldiers recruited between 1987 and 2008 who were interviewed at recruitment and reinterviewed at discharge(More)
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