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We assessed gene expression profiles in 2,752 twins, using a classic twin design to quantify expression heritability and quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) in peripheral blood. The most highly heritable genes (∼777) were grouped into distinct expression clusters, enriched in gene-poor regions, associated with specific gene function or ontology classes, and(More)
SUMMARY seeQTL is a comprehensive and versatile eQTL database, including various eQTL studies and a meta-analysis of HapMap eQTL information. The database presents eQTL association results in a convenient browser, using both segmented local-association plots and genome-wide Manhattan plots. AVAILABILITY AND IMPLEMENTATION seeQTL is freely available for(More)
Genomes of men and women differ in only a limited number of genes located on the sex chromosomes, whereas the transcriptome is far more sex-specific. Identification of sex-biased gene expression will contribute to understanding the molecular basis of sex-differences in complex traits and common diseases. Sex differences in the human peripheral blood(More)
The search for genetic variants underlying major depressive disorder (MDD) has not yet provided firm leads to its underlying molecular biology. A complementary approach is to study gene expression in relation to MDD. We measured gene expression in peripheral blood from 1848 subjects from The Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety. Subjects were divided(More)
MOTIVATION We address a common problem in large-scale data analysis, and especially the field of genetics, the huge-scale testing problem, where millions to billions of hypotheses are tested together creating a computational challenge to control the inflation of the false discovery rate. As a solution we propose an alternative algorithm for the famous(More)
We develop new simultaneous confidence intervals for the components of a multivariate mean. The intervals determine the signs of the parameters more frequently than standard intervals do: the set of data values for which each interval includes parameter values with only one sign is larger. When one or more estimated means are small, the new intervals(More)
Variation in cystic fibrosis (CF) phenotypes, including lung disease severity, age of onset of persistent Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) lung infection, and presence of meconium ileus (MI), has been partially explained by genome-wide association studies (GWASs). It is not expected that GWASs alone are sufficiently powered to uncover all heritable(More)
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