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  • Lug Devroye, Olivier Kamoun, V Lim
  • 2003
In this paper, we study random minimax trees of the incremental type. These are complete b-ary trees with n levels of edges, in which we associate independent identically distributed random variables with the edges. The value of a leaf is the sum of the edge values on the path to the root. The value of each internal node is obtained at alternating levels by(More)
Foreword The Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Electrical Installations aims to set out the minimum requirements on energy efficiency of electrical installations in buildings. It forms a part of a set of comprehensive Building Energy Codes that addresses energy efficiency requirements on building services installations. Designers are encouraged to(More)
A mobile eye tracker was used to collect viewing behavior in a mixed reality immersive Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) environment to evaluate a design concept of a tourist information office. The synthetic office consists of physical artifacts and virtual contents projected onto three walls of a room-sized cube. A Think Aloud study was conducted(More)
The time dependent variation of parameters solution to the time dependent Schrödinger equation pioneered by Dirac, Frenkel, and McLachlan is described in terms useful for immediate application to complex time dependent problems in magnetic resonance. A benchmark comparison of the theory to one dimensional images and spin echo envelope signals in simple(More)
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