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A key obstacle in the growth of unmanned vehicle operations is the number of operators required to supervise and control an unmanned vehicle. New unmanned vehicle CONOPS call for an individual or small groups of tightly integrated operators to control several vehicles simultaneously. This push to invert the classic operator/vehicle ratio cannot be achieved(More)
Capturing design process knowledge is a complex, multidisciplinary problem. With the advent and increased acceptance of digital computer supported cooperative work tools this project studied how engineering collaboration might be captured and archived to support engineering lifecycle activities. To improve project communications among software engineers and(More)
We discuss a vision of and work in progress on a collab-orative engineering environment, the Collaborative Design Studio, being developed at the Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory at Drexel University. This works seeks to integrate Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and communication tools through automatic extraction and embedding of design context(More)
This paper describes recent results from the National Design Repository Project (ØØÔÔ»»ÛÛÛººº×××ÒÖÖÔÓ××ØÓÖݺÓÖÖ). The Repository is a growing digital library of publicly available Computer-Aided Design data from a wide variety of application domains (Mechanical, AEC, GIS, etc). The long-term goal of this project is to create a flexible infrastructure for(More)
Under this NSF CAREER project, we are developing representations and algorithms to manage large digital libraries of complex engineering knowledge. The algorithms and data structures we are creating will integrate knowledge-bases of geometric information with systems for case-based reasoning and digital information retrieval. The research in this highly(More)
This paper presents an approach to applying evaluation-guided research techniques to the implementation and evaluation of collaborative environments for distributed design and manufacturing. In particular, we are focusing on the use of Engineering Design Knowledge Repositories: digital storehouses of design data and metadata that are creating during the(More)
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