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The subacute effect of toluene on color vision was examined in 59 rotogravure workers exposed to toluene. Toluene and ethanol were determined in blood and color vision testing was performed on Monday before shift and on Friday after shift. The battery included the Ishihara plates, the Velhagen plates, the Standard Pseudoisochromatic Plates part 2, the(More)
High exposure to toluene may cause optic neuropathy and retinopathy, both associated with dyschromatopsia. Another solvent, ethanol, is known to induce acute blue-yellow dyschromatopsia. This study investigated the acute effects of high doses of toluene on color vision. Eight male printshop workers were examined before and after cleaning printing containers(More)
BACKGROUND Lipschütz ulcers are characterized by painful vulvar ulceration, most commonly in young women. Because these lesions are so rarely seen, the diagnosis can be challenging. CASE An 18-year-old woman, without any prior sexual activity, developed painful blue vulval lesions. These became necrotizing ulcers, and she began antiviral therapy for(More)
An improved simplified technique is described for reducing the volume of the tongue by operation. A plastic support has been designed on which the tongue can be spread out symmetrically and fixed in position. Gallbladder forceps are applied to the base of the tongue to avoid hemorrhage. An initial incision is made through the whole thickness of the tongue(More)
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