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Evolution before genes
BackgroundOur current understanding of evolution is so tightly linked to template-dependent replication of DNA and RNA molecules that the old idea from Oparin of a self-reproducing 'garbage bag'Expand
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Lack of evolvability in self-sustaining autocatalytic networks constraints metabolism-first scenarios for the origin of life
A basic property of life is its capacity to experience Darwinian evolution. The replicator concept is at the core of genetics-first theories of the origin of life, which suggest that self-replicatingExpand
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Sheep in wolf's clothing: multicomponent traits enhance the success of mimicry in spider-mimicking moths
Predator mimicry occurs when prey resemble their predator to gain protection. We explored the relative importance of the morphological and locomotor signals that spider-mimicking moths use to deceiveExpand
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Foraging bumblebees use social cues more when the task is difficult
&NA; When foraging in their natural environment, many animals readily complement their personal knowledge with additional social information. To balance the costs and benefits of copying others,Expand
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Cooptive Evolution of Prebiotic Chemical Networks
A mechanism of Darwinian chemical evolution is proposed based on cooptation of chemical avalanches occurring in a catalytic network of molecules enclosed in protocell compartments. This intermediateExpand
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Evolution before genes - theoretical analysis of autocatalytic molecular networks and its implications for metabolism-first theories of the origin of life
A basic property of life is its capacity to experience Darwinian evolution. But how could such a complex system as a living entity appear in the first place? Natural selection is known to be a veryExpand
Evolution before Life
Abstract All life, as we know it, springs from already existing life. But how did it all begin? We argue that evolution preceded life, and we must understand the origin of evolvable chemical systemsExpand