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Isolation of (-) - Epicatechin from Trichilia em etica Whole Seeds
Trichilia emetica whole seeds were refluxed in water for twenty minutes and the extract subjected to column chromatography and preparative-TLC. The mass spectrum of the isolated compound in positiveExpand
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Characterization of Plant Seeds by Phosphorus-31 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
ABSTRACT Plant seeds accumulate and store phosphorus for the initial growth of seedlings. Phosphorus speciation by 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of NaOH–EDTA seed extracts showed that PExpand
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A novel optically based chemosensor for the detection of blood Na
Abstract The azo dye based chemosensor 2 displays extremely good sensitivity and selectivity for Na+ over other physiologically important alkali and alkali earth metal ions in the 0.3–1.0×10−4 MExpand
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Novel sodium-selective fluorescent PET and optically based chemosensors: towards Na+ determination in serum
The anthracene based fluorescent PET chemosensor 1 and the azo-dye based chemosensor 2 show high selectivity for Na+ over other alkali and alkaline-earth metal cations in the 12–300 mM concentrationExpand
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Isolation and characterisation of 13 pterosins and pterosides from bracken (Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn) rhizome.
Systematic phytochemical investigations of the underground rhizome of Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn (Dennstaedtiaceae) afforded thirty-five pterosins and pterosides. By detailed analysis of one- andExpand
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Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of Furanocoumarins and Sterolin from the stem bark of Ficus exasperata Vahl (Moraceae)
Ficus exasperata is a popular plant among traditional healers in Africa where various parts of the plant are used for some medicinal purposes. Previous research on the stem bark revealed considerableExpand
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Azole Antifungal Sensitivity of Sterol 14α-Demethylase (CYP51) and CYP5218 from Malassezia globosa
Malassezia globosa cytochromes P450 CYP51 and CYP5218 are sterol 14α-demethylase (the target of azole antifungals) and a putative fatty acid metabolism protein (and a potential azole drug target),Expand
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Comparative Studies of the Elements that are Associated with Petroleum Hydrocarbon Formation in Nigerian Crude oil and Bitumen Using ICP-OES
Abstract A study of the elements that are known to associate with petroleum hydrocarbon formation found in Nigerian crude oil and bitumen has been carried out using Inductively Coupled Plasma OpticalExpand
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Organic and elemental elucidation of asphaltene fraction of Nigerian crude oils
Abstract This paper provides data on the chemical composition of the asphaltene component of Nigerian crude oils in order to ascertain its properties which can assist in the refining and processingExpand
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Phosphorus speciation by (31)P NMR spectroscopy in bracken (Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn) and bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta (L.) Chouard ex Rothm.) dominated semi-natural upland soil.
Access to P species is a driver for plant community composition based on nutrient acquisition. Here we investigated the distribution and accumulation of soil inorganic P (Pi) and organic P (Po) formsExpand
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