Vera Stebletsova

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Transition systems can be viewed either as process diagrams or as Kripke structures. The rst perspective is that of process theory, the second that of modal logic. This paper shows how various formalisms of modal logic can be brought to bear on processes. Notions of bisimulation can not only be motivated by operations on transition systems, but they can(More)
With each projective geometry we can associate a Lyndon algebra. Such an algebra always satisfies Tarski's axioms for relation algebras and Lyndon algebras thus form an interesting connection between the fields of projective geometry and algebraic logic. In this paper we prove that if G is a class of projective geometries which contains an infinite(More)
In this paper an agent-based ambient system is presented to support persons in learning specific movement patterns. The ambient system serves as a personal coach that observes a person's movement pattern, and analyses this based on comparison with an ideal pattern generated by optimisation using a computational musculoskeletal model for this type of pattern(More)
The paper [Jónsson 1991] contains a discussion and comparison of a number of possible operations on binary relations. Among these are the so-called Q-operations that are defined as follows. Definition 1.1 Let R be a matrix of binary relations R ij , 0 ≤ i, j < n, and let k, l be two numbers smaller than n, to be called reference points 1. Then Q kl n (R) is(More)
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