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This paper presents a framework for the virtualization of real world objects and the cognitive management of their virtual counterparts. The framework consists of three levels of functionality and each level comprises cognitive entities that provide the means for self-management and learning, allowing for smart, flexible applications and objects. The(More)
W ireless systems continue to attract immense research and development effort. Recent years have seen major technological advances, including the rollout of 2.5G and 3G cellular infrastructures as well as the advent of broadband fixed-wireless access (BFWA) systems and digital video broadcasting (DVB). " Wireless beyond 3G " is a new concept that envisions(More)
It is expected that the wireless world will migrate towards an era that will comprise more local/ temporary structures for the provision of services. A networking paradigm towards this direction is the opportunistic networking. Operator-governed ONs are dynamically created, temporary, coordinated extensions of the infrastructure. Operator governance is(More)
This work presents a Cognitive Management framework for empowering the Internet of Things (IoT). This framework has the ability to dynamically adapt its behaviour, through self-management functionality, taking into account information and knowledge (obtained through machine learning) on the situation (e.g., internal status and status of environment), as(More)