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Ventricular width and its enlargement over time are discussed as promising markers for preclinical brain atrophy. The aim of our study was to define whether brain atrophy can reliably be monitored by transcranial ultrasound (TCS). In a prospective longitudinal trial over 5years, 500 healthy persons were examined by a standardized protocol with TCS in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether enlarged substantia nigra hyperechogenicity (SN+) is associated with an increased risk for Parkinson disease (PD) in a healthy elderly population. DESIGN Longitudinal 3-center observational study with 37 months of prospective follow-up. SETTING Individuals 50 years or older without evidence of PD or any other(More)
The global demand for food, feed, energy and water poses extraordinary challenges for future generations. It is evident that robust platforms for the exploration of renewable resources are necessary to overcome these challenges. Within the multinational framework MultiBioPro we are developing biorefinery pipelines to maximize the use of plant biomass. More(More)
The amendment of the law limiting the professional secrecy of physicians and psychologists toward the prison authorities has triggered a discussion on the consequences involved for treatment practice in the prison system. To reduce the lack of empirically based arguments in this discussion, our study deals with the question of whether and to what extent(More)
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