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A morphological description is given for the motoneurons underlying the proboscis extension reflex in the honey bee (Apis mellifera). Sensory neurons from the mandibles and labium were examined and their projection areas were related to those of the motoneurons. Motoneurons are located in the ventral part of the suboesophageal ganglion, have their somata in(More)
The distribution of dopamine in the brain and suboesophageal ganglion of the honeybee Apis mellifera was investigated by means of immunocytochemistry with a well-characterized antiserum against dopamine. The binding of the antiserum in paraffin serial sections was studied with the peroxidase-antiperoxidase method. Dopamine-like immunoreactive neurons are(More)
The effect of sodium diclofenac on serum and tissue amoxicillin concentration as well as their effect against staphylococcal infection was observed. Four polyurethane sponges were placed in the back of thirty rats. After 14 d, two granulomatous tissues received 0.5 ml of 10(8) cfu/ml (Staphylococcus aureus). Two days later, the rats were divided into five(More)
The question of how often erythrocytes should be washed in order to obtain a protein-free and therapeutically efficient unit of washed red blood cells is still controversial. To obtain more information regarding this problem, 6 X 15 units of whole blood were washed 1-6 times with a saline solution immediately and after 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35 days of storage.(More)
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