Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn

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Preface These notes have been prepared as support to a short course on compositional data analysis. Their aim is to transmit the basic concepts and skills for simple applications, thus setting the premises for more advanced projects. One should be aware that frequent updates will be required in the near future, as the theory presented here is a field of(More)
In the life sciences, many measurement methods yield only the relative abundances of different components in a sample. With such relative-or compositional-data, differential expression needs careful interpretation, and correlation-a statistical workhorse for analyzing pairwise relationships-is an inappropriate measure of association. Using yeast gene(More)
Condition is a central concept in evolutionary ecology, but the roles of genetic and environmental quality in condition-dependent trait expression remain poorly understood. Theory suggests that condition integrates genetic, epigenetic and somatic factors, and therefore predicts alignment between the phenotypic effects of genetic and environmental quality.(More)
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