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Arch length (AL), intercanine width (ICW), and intermolar width (IMW) are essential for diagnosis and treatment planning and are closely related factors in orthodontics. The aim of the present study was to determine correlations between these measurements and to predict some of these measurements based on others. The dental casts of 197 Spanish patients(More)
OBJECTIVES Given the controversy in the literature about the variations in intercanine and intermolar distances and arch perimeter once the eruption of permanent teeth is completed, the aims of this study were to assess the changes of these measures with age, analyzing its sexual dimorphism and variability in a Spanish population. STUDY DESIGN 188 Spanish(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of this work were: firstly, to draw up tables of percentile tooth sizes similar to those of Sanin and Savara for three age groups of a Spanish population; secondly, to describe changes in tooth size between those groups over time, as well as observing any sexual dimorphism and, finally, to compare both the Spanish and Sanin and Savara 's(More)
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