Vera Moniz-Pereira

António P Veloso2
Annelies Pool-Goudaazward1
Rita Fernandes1
2António P Veloso
1Annelies Pool-Goudaazward
1Rita Fernandes
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BACKGROUND AND AIM Trunk kinematics and kinetics can contribute to more detailed information on gait impairment, however, data about reliability and measurement error of multi-segment trunk on three-dimensional gait analysis (3DGA) is lacking. The aim of this study is to investigate test-retest reliability and MDC of 3DGA kinematic and kinetic data in a(More)
The purpose of this research was to study the sensitivity of lower limb joint kinematics and kinetics, calculated during different functional tasks (walking, stair descent and stair ascent) in a sample of older adults, to different pose estimation algorithms and models' joint constraints. Three models were developed and optimized differently: in one model,(More)
The forces produced by the muscles can deliver energy to a target segment they are not attached to, by transferring this energy throughout the other segments in the chain. This is a synergistic way of functioning, which allows muscles to accelerate or decelerate segments in order to reach the target one. The purpose of this study was to characterize the(More)
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