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Feature-level sensor fusion is the process where specific information (i.e. features) from objects detected by different sensors are combined and classified. This paper focuses on the feature-level fusion procedure for a sensor combination consisting of a polarimetric infrared (IR) imaging sensor and a GPR: a video impulse radar (VIR). The single sensor(More)
Detection in most surveillance radars is based on the condition of point targets against a more or less homogeneous background. Currently, the resolution of many new types of radar is increasing, at least in the range dimension. Therefore many objects no longer can be considered as points. Also as a consequence, the background is getting more diverse, in(More)
While examination of 83 patients it was established that in the presence of complicated gastric and duodenal ulcer disease the secondary immune deficiency is developing, which deepens after the surgical intervention conduction. Tiotriazolin, promoting the immune system state and the blood biochemistry indexes normalization, the immune system state and the(More)