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Over the past few years, antibiotics have been considered emerging pollutants due to their continuous input and persistence in the aquatic ecosystem even at low concentrations. They have been detected worldwide in environmental matrices, indicating their ineffective removal from water and wastewater using conventional treatment methods. To prevent this(More)
A survey of 124 dogs for ticks was conducted from August to November 1998 in 68 small farms of Uruará municipality in Eastern Amazon-Brazil. We collected 55 ticks from 18 dogs (14.5%). Amblyomma oblongoguttatum Koch, Amblyomma ovale Koch, and Amblyomma cajennense (F.) were found on nine, six, and one dog, respectively. Fourteen small farms (20.5%) had at(More)
During a survey conducted from August to November 1998 to ticks associated with dogs in the rural area of Uruará, in the state of Para, Eastern Amazon region of Brazil, we collected one gynandromorph specimen out of 18 Amblyomma oblongoguttatum Koch specimens collected from dogs. It is a perfect bipartite gynandromorph, reported in this species for the(More)
A central composite factorial design methodology was employed to optimise the amoxicillin degradation using the Fenton's oxidation treatment. In this study, the variables considered for the process optimisation were the hydrogen peroxide and ferrous ion initial concentrations and the temperature, for an antibiotic concentration of 450μg L(-1) at pH=3.5.(More)
UV-filters are a group of compounds designed mainly to protect skin against UVA and UVB radiation, but they are also included in plastics, furniture, etc., to protect products from light damage. Their massive use in sunscreens for skin protection has been increasing due to the awareness of the chronic and acute effects of UV radiation. Some organic(More)
The contamination of the aquatic environment by non-metabolized and metabolized antibiotic residues has brought the necessity of alternative treatment steps to current water decontamination technologies. This work assessed the feasibility of using a multistage treatment system for amoxicillin (AMX) spiked solutions combining: i) a biological treatment(More)
The seroprevalence study for leptospirosis in bovines and humans was realized in family holder farms along the Transamazon Highway. The prevalence of bovine leptospirosis was 97% [90.9 - 99.5%] of farms with at least one positive animal according to microscopic agglutination test for the leptospirosis diagnostic. In 61.2% of the tested herds, the serovar(More)
Siloxane-based compounds are widely used in personal care, pharmaceutical and household products as well as in industrial applications. Among the wide variety of these chemicals, special attention has been given to volatile methylsiloxanes (VMSs). These compounds have been extensively detected in several environmental compartments, as they are not(More)
Organosiloxanes are widely used in the formulation of a broad range of cosmetic and personal care products (PCPs), including creams and lotions, bath soaps, shampoo and hair care products to soften, smooth, and moisten. In fact, the intensive and widespread use of organosiloxanes combined with their lipophilic nature, makes them interesting targets for(More)
Personal care products, an important class of emerging contaminants, have been frequently detected in different environmental matrices. Included in this category are synthetic musks compounds (SMCs) and UV-filters. Their occurrence in the coastal environment has been poorly studied. Therefore, this work aimed to verify whether five coastline plant species(More)