Vera Hagemann

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Objectives The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of a tailor-made, non-technical skills seminar on medical student's behaviour, attitudes, and performance during simulated patient treatment. Methods Seventy-seven students were randomized to either a non-technical skills seminar (NTS group, n=43) or a medical seminar (control group, n=34).(More)
BACKGROUND The main goals of health-care systems are to improve the health of the population they serve, respond to people's legitimate expectations, and offer fair financing. As a result, the health system in Germany is subject to continuous adaption as well as public and political discussions about its design. OBJECTIVE This paper analyzes the key(More)
Sixty-eight undergraduate nursing students from a large university in the mid-western United States volunteered to participate in a study to determine nursing students' perceptions of a preschool-aged child when information about his family structure was presented. Subjects viewed a videotape of a 4-year-old male. Half of the subjects received written(More)
We demonstrate a simple, adjustment-insensitive technique for measuring the temporal coherence function of cw multimode and monomode semiconductor lasers, using two-beam coupling in photorefractive InP and CdTe crystals. The emission spectra of the diodes are measured independently. The coherence functions are also calculated from these spectra and agree(More)
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