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Recurrent training of cabin crew should include theoretical and practical instruction on safety as well as crew resource management (CRM) issues. The endeavors of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. and Swiss Aviation Training Ltd. to integrate CRM and safety aspects into a single training module were evaluated. The objective of the integration was to make(More)
Sixty-eight undergraduate nursing students from a large university in the mid-western United States volunteered to participate in a study to determine nursing students' perceptions of a preschool-aged child when information about his family structure was presented. Subjects viewed a videotape of a 4-year-old male. Half of the subjects received written(More)
Objectives The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of a tailor-made, non-technical skills seminar on medical student's behaviour, attitudes, and performance during simulated patient treatment. Methods Seventy-seven students were randomized to either a non-technical skills seminar (NTS group, n=43) or a medical seminar (control group, n=34).(More)
Complex problem solving is challenging and a high-level cognitive process for individuals. When analyzing complex problem solving in teams, an additional, new dimension has to be considered, as teamwork processes increase the requirements already put on individual team members. After introducing an idealized teamwork process model, that complex problem(More)
BACKGROUND The main goals of health-care systems are to improve the health of the population they serve, respond to people's legitimate expectations, and offer fair financing. As a result, the health system in Germany is subject to continuous adaption as well as public and political discussions about its design. OBJECTIVE This paper analyzes the key(More)
We demonstrate a simple, adjustment-insensitive technique for measuring the temporal coherence function of cw multimode and monomode semiconductor lasers, using two-beam coupling in photorefractive InP and CdTe crystals. The emission spectra of the diodes are measured independently. The coherence functions are also calculated from these spectra and agree(More)
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