Vera Gramigna

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Sinonasal intestinal-type adenocarcinomas (ITACs) are rare neoplasms resembling intestinal adenocarcinomas. Although several studies have documented neuroendocrine differentiation in ITACs, the combination of ITAC and small cell carcinoma has not been previously described in detail. The aim of this report is to detail the(More)
Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) are mechanical supports used in case of heart failure. Little is known as the height of the anastomosis in aorta might influence the hemodynamic. The aim of the study was to evaluate the fluid dynamic behavior due to the outflow graft placement of a continuous flow LVAD in ascending aorta and to identify the insertion(More)
PURPOSE The extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a temporary, but prolonged circulatory support for cardiopulmonary failure. Clinical evidence suggests that pulsed flow is healthier than non pulsatile perfusion. The aim of this study was to computationally evaluate the effects of total and partial ECMO assistance and pulsed flow on hemodynamics in(More)
In the modern era, stroke remains a main cause of morbidity after cardiac surgery despite continuing improvements in the cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) techniques. The aim of the current work was to numerically investigate the blood flow in aorta and epiaortic vessels during standard and pulsed CPB, obtained with the intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP). A(More)
A constitutive framework is provided for the characterization of the mechanical behavior of colonic tissues, as a fundamental tool for the development of numerical models of the colonic structures. The constitutive analysis is performed by a multidisciplinary approach that requires the cooperation between experimental and computational competences. The(More)
Although measurement of total hippocampal volume is considered as an important hallmark of Alzheimer's disease (AD), recent evidence demonstrated that atrophies of hippocampal subregions might be more sensitive in predicting this neurodegenerative disease. The vast majority of neuroimaging papers investigating this topic are focused on the difference(More)
Walking is a complex motor behavior with a special relevance in clinical neurology. Many neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and stroke, are characterized by gait disorders whose neurofunctional correlates are poorly investigated. Indeed, the analysis of real walking with the standard neuroimaging techniques poses strong challenges, and only(More)
This study shows the fabrication of innovative ossicular replacement prostheses (ORPs) based on banked cortical bone using computer numerically controlled ultraprecision micromilling, as a substantial improvement of "second generation" ORPs. Our aim is to combine optimal middle ear compatibility and surgical manageability in a single device, by releasing(More)
AIMS Movement time analyzer (MTA) is an objective instrument to evaluate the degree of motor impairment as well as to investigate the dopaminergic drug effect in Parkinson's disease patients. The aim of this study is to validate a new ecologic neuroimaging tool for quantifying MTA-related hemodynamic response of the cortical motor system by means of(More)