Vera Ehrenstein

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BACKGROUND The Danish National Patient Registry (DNPR) is one of the world's oldest nationwide hospital registries and is used extensively for research. Many studies have validated algorithms for identifying health events in the DNPR, but the reports are fragmented and no overview exists. OBJECTIVES To review the content, data quality, and research(More)
Population-based prescription databases in Nordic countries have become a mainstay of epidemiologic research. Denmark has both national and regional population-based prescription databases. Aarhus University Prescription Database collects data on reimbursed medications dispensed at all community pharmacies of the North Denmark Region and the Central Denmark(More)
BACKGROUND Despite public concern about potential adverse health effects of concentrated animal feeding operations, objectively assessed data on environmental exposure to concentrated animal feeding operations and respiratory health are sparse. We aimed to assess respiratory health in neighbors of confined animal feeding operations. METHODS A survey was(More)
The Danish health care system provides partial reimbursement of most prescription medications in Denmark. The dispensation of prescription medications is registered in administrative databases. Each time a prescription is redeemed at a pharmacy, an electronic record is generated with information related to the user, prescriber, the pharmacy, and the(More)
BACKGROUND Hypospadias is a relatively common congenital malformation. Data on temporal trends in prevalence of hypospadias are conflicting. It is unclear whether changes of maternal age distribution over time are associated with changes in hypospadias prevalence. OBJECTIVE To study changes in prevalence of hypospadias in Denmark during a 29-yr period and(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to validate the diagnosis of spontaneous abortion (SA) recorded in the Danish National Registry of Patients (DNRP). METHODS We randomly selected patients registered in the DNRP with a diagnosis of SA between 1980 and 2008 from hospitals in the county of North Jutland and searched for their discharge records in hospital(More)
CONTEXT Cushing's syndrome (CS) is associated with hypercoagulability, insulin resistance, hypertension, bone loss, and immunosuppression. To date, no adequately large cohort study has been performed to assess the multisystem effects of CS. OBJECTIVE We aimed to examine the risks for mortality, cardiovascular disease, fractures, peptic ulcers, and(More)
BACKGROUND Metformin may decrease prostate cancer (PCa) risk by reducing hyperinsulinemia-associated carcinogenesis or through direct effects on cancer cells. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between metformin use and PCa diagnosis. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS We used the Danish Cancer Registry and the Aarhus University Prescription Database(More)
BACKGROUND Unsafe sexual behavior is common among persons with negative or unknown HIV status and it is augmented by alcohol use in some populations. We examined the association between alcohol consumption level (abstinent, moderate, at-risk) and inconsistent condom use in a cohort of HIV-infected individuals with a history of alcohol problems. METHODS(More)