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The generation of 2-vinylcyclopentene-1,3-diones via a five-component coupling in the coordination sphere of chromium
La reaction de complexes carbenes de chrome pentacarbonyle avec des derives de l'acetylene donne des cyclopentenes-2diones-1,4, des indanols et indanones
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Insertion reactions of chromium-carbene complexes with organic nitriles and a diastereoselective alkylation of a resulting imino-carbene complex
On etudie les reactions d'insertion de nitriles dans les complexes (CO) 5 Cr=C(OMe)(R 1 ) conduisant a (CO) 5 Cr=C(R 2 )(NR 1 CH 3 O). Mecanisme
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Preparation, structure, and chemistry of (O-acyl imidato)- and (O-alkyl imidato)carbene pentacarbonyl complexes of chromium
Premier exemple d'insertion d'organonitriles dans la liaison metal-carbone des complexes [(CO) 2 CrC(OMe)R], R=Ph, Me pour aboutir a des complexes ylidenes d'imides
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Heteroannulation of chromium carbene complexes. A novel and efficient pyrrole synthesis
The heteroannulations of imino complexes are remarkably efficient and general. They are very highly chemoselective, giving only pyrrole products, and also highly regioselective, giving only a singleExpand
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