Vera Babin

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Genome-wide systematic screens in yeast have uncovered a large gene network (the telomere length maintenance network or TLM), encompassing more than 400 genes, which acts coordinatively to maintain telomere length. Identifying the genes was an important first stage; the next challenge is to decipher their mechanism of action and to organize then into(More)
Chlamydia trachomatis recently has emerged as the most frequently diagnosed sexually transmitted disease (STD) agent. An estimated three million cases are diagnosed annually in the United States. Because the infection is not reportable, only estimates can be made. The most common STD, it also is often transmitted to infants through infected mothers.(More)
Eukaryotic chromosomal ends are protected by telomeres from fusion, degradation, and unwanted double-strand break repair events. Therefore, telomeres preserve genome stability and integrity. Telomere length can be maintained by telomerase, which is expressed in most human primary tumors but is not expressed in the majority of somatic cells. Thus, telomerase(More)
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