Vera B. Kaiser

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Sex chromosomes originated from autosomes but have evolved a highly specialized chromatin structure. Drosophila Y chromosomes are composed entirely of silent heterochromatin, while male X chromosomes have highly accessible chromatin and are hypertranscribed as a result of dosage compensation. Here, we dissect the molecular mechanisms and functional(More)
A lack of recombination leads to the degeneration of an evolving Y chromosome. However, it is not known whether gene loss is largely a random process and primarily driven by the order in which mutations occur or whether certain categories of genes are lost less quickly than others; the latter would imply that selection counteracts the degeneration of Y(More)
The Drosophila miranda neo-sex chromosome system is a useful resource for studying recently evolved sex chromosomes. However, the neo-Y genomic assembly is fragmented due to the accumulation of repetitive sequence. Furthermore, the separate assembly of the neo-X and neo-Y chromosomes into genomic scaffolds has proven to be difficult, due to their low level(More)
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