Vera A Fernandes

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Introduction: For the past decade the number and types of lunar rocks recognized as such has increased, allowing an augmentation in the number of ages determined for rocks from the Moon, namely those of lunar basalts. Considering that most lunar basaltic meteorites are younger than the Apollo and Luna samples, we continue our pursuit in finding young(More)
INTRODUCTION Development of acute kidney injury (AKI) during the perioperative period is associated with increases in morbidity and mortality. Our aim was to evaluate the incidence and determinants of postoperative AKI after major noncardiac surgery in patients with previously normal renal function. METHODS This retrospective cohort study was carried out(More)
INTRODUCTION Delirium is an acute disturbance of consciousness and cognition that has been shown to be associated with poor outcomes, including increased mortality. We aimed to evaluate outcome after postoperative delirium in a cohort of surgical intensive care unit (SICU) patients. METHODS This prospective study was conducted over a 10-month period in a(More)
The Chandrayaan-1 X-ray Spectrometer (C1XS) is a compact X-ray spectrometer for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission. It exploits heritage from the D-CIXS instrument on ESA's SMART-1 mission. As a result of detailed developments to all aspects of the design, its performance as measured in the laboratory greatly surpasses(More)
Introduction: North West Africa (NWA 4472) is a KREEPy lunar meteorite regolith breccia [1-5]. It comprises a diverse lithic clast component (<5 mm) consolidated in a fragmented clast supported matrix. Lithic fragments are compositionally affiliated with lunar High Mg-Suite (HMS), High Alkali Suite (HAS), mare basalt and impact melt lithologies [5]. NWA(More)
The UK-built Chandrayaan-1 X-ray Spectrometer (C1XS) will fly as an ESA instrument on India's Chandrayaan-1 mission to the Moon, launched in October 2008. C1XS builds on experience gained with the earlier D-CIXS instrument on SMART-1, but will be a scientifically much more capable instrument. Here we describe the scientific objectives of this instrument,(More)
aBStraCt The recently recovered Antarctic achondrites Graves Nunatak 06128 and 06129 are unique meteorites that represent high-temperature asteroidal processes in the early solar system never before identified in any other meteorite. They represent products of early planetesimal melting (4564.25 ± 0.21 Ma) and subsequent metamorphism of an unsampled(More)
–Northwest Africa (NWA) 4734 is an unbrecciated basaltic lunar meteorite that is nearly identical in chemical composition to basaltic lunar meteorites NWA 032 and LaPaz Icefield (LAP) 02205. We have conducted a geochemical, petrologic, mineralogic, and Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr, and Ar-Ar isotopic study of these meteorites to constrain their petrologic relationships and(More)
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BACKGROUND Aorto-bifemoral bypass (AFB) is commonly performed to treat aorto-iliac disease and a durable long-term outcome is achieved. Most studies documenting beneficial outcomes after AFB have been limited to mortality and morbidity rates, costs and length of hospital stay (LOS). Few studies have examined the dependency of patients and how their(More)